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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Sunday :-)

While I thought summer was slowly leaving...Fairbanks has been quite warm lately (hitting a record 91 degrees last weekend!). I am anxiously awaiting the cooler temperatures, the fall season (which apparently lasts no more than two weeks), the snow, and everything that will be new to us in these upcoming months (since we arrived in December). Our winter forecast might be an eventful one (click the link!)!

School has already started (last Wednesday) and I am very excited for the new school year! I am working at the school behind our house as the building substitute (work every day at the same building = good news!) so I'll get to work in a variety of classrooms, pre-K to 6th grade, special education, and speech and language. I am sure I will have some great experiences and I already know the majority of the staff and the students so I feel at ease.

Andrew just arrived home from a week in Pittsburgh visiting with our families and most importantly, fulfilling his 'best man' duties in our good friends' wedding! He actually played matchmaker in 10th grade and introduced the couple! I wish I could have gone to Pittsburgh as well but unfortunately it just didn't work out too well. Sarah and Tim are a beautiful couple and wonderful friends and we cannot wait to visit them in New York City!

Just three weeks ago Lindy and my mom touched down in the great state of Alaska! We made the Fairbanks/North Pole rounds to touristy locations and enjoyed every single minute together! My dad was left at home to dog-sit (joke) and we missed him dearly!

Although there are no pictures to document this particular adventure, we went rafting in Denali once again. We decided to tackle the higher level of rapids especially since my mom was along for the ride (the most adventurous one of us all). No one fell overboard and it was a blast just like last time!

We all experienced below 40 degree temperatures at Pioneer Park- Alaska's only amusement park, which is a bit of an overstatement! We also visited the Tanana Valley Fair, which is the ultimate fair experience. It lasts for ten days and you can buy almost anything, eat anything--greasy of course, and people watch for hours. But just last night my mom assured me that the Perry County Fair in good ol' PA could have given the Tanana Fair a run for its money.

It was sad to say goodbye but it makes our visits together that much more special :-)
Andrew and I will be headed home for Christmas in just a few months! (Of course our home is anyplace that we live together but Pennsylvania will always be our "home" forever and ever because I love that state and the people there!)

At the University of Alaska museum...nothing like a beautiful outhouse!

Funny thing...my Mom was really talking to my Dad! We missed you Dougie!

Almost caused a car wreck but we finally saw moose!

Stuffed polar bear at UAF Museum of the North

Pioneer Park :-)

Lindy making friends with the musk ox!

Lindy's most coveted purchase...fox fur muffs
Check out the license plate sign :-)

The pipeline! To drill or not to drill in Alaska?

Kim's devilish elf grin ;-)

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  1. You have a beautiful family! I'm glad I got to meet your mom and sister while they were in. Looks like they had a fun visit. I'm so looking forward to hanging with my mom and sister when I go back home in a few weeks!