Welcome to North Pole, Alaska!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's about time!

Hello Everyone!
I have been living in Alaska for over a month now and I think it is about time I created one of these! I hope to share my journeys (correction....OUR journeys) on this blog for my family and friends to read. For my less-than-tech-savvy parents, a blog is like an online, virtual public diary! So enjoy!

We have settled down in the outskirts of a cute town called North Pole, Alaska! We are about five miles from "downtown" Fairbanks. Think "downtown" Fairbanks as the downtown of Camp Hill or Beaver but with a few taller buildings and two more "main" streets. We live less than two miles away from the back gate to Fort Wainwright...very convenient! Also, a lot of the friends that we have made live within a two-mile radius of our home so it is very nice. Although I said I was going to "take off" a month or two I got antsy and bored and decided to find something to do! I am tutoring 4th, 5th, and 6th graders in math at the school behind my house. I am car-less as I like to say (something that I have not been since I was 15 thanks to my gracious and loving parents!). Luckily, the three minute walk to the front of the school is almost painless (unless it's -40!). Once it warms up (above 30 degrees haha) I am going to look around for a car!

Andrew has begun his work days within an infantry unit, serving as an assistant S2. He is enjoying the position and learning a lot everyday. Here is a typical Monday through Friday day in our lives:

5:45- Alarm goes off and Andrew is up and getting ready for PT (I join him three mornings a week!)

If I don't go to the gym I sleep until 7:15, look outside at the very dark sky and head downstairs to boil water for Andrew's protein-healthy breakfast of 3 boiled eggs, a bagel, Sunny-D, coffee, water, and a multivitamin! I like to watch the Today show and turn on Fox news (has become a constant background in the home).

7:45-8:45- Andrew arrives home, showers and gets dressed for work, and heads downstairs to eat breakfast with me.
(When he leaves I sometimes take a quick 40 minute nap until the sun comes through the window!)

I then do chores around our house...laundry, dishes, cleaning, writing notes, browsing decorating websites, and making lunch. Andrew will let me know by 11:30 if he is coming home or not for lunch and if he is I make a sandwich for him to eat. I head to tutoring around 12:10 and that is where I remain until about 3:45. Andrew and I like to joke that I am a career-driven woman-at least I'm not scanning panty-hose and camouflage at Wal-Mart like Andrew previously predicted. I can't wait to work a 7 or 8 hour day so I hope that will come my way eventually! I like the school district, but it is quite different than the PA school districts that I have had my life experiences within. I am glad that I am tutoring in the schools and getting a feel for the curriculum, teachers, and administrators. Of course there is a lot of talking within a school so I've already had my ear full of "teacher talk."

Anways, I plan on getting up at 5:45 with Andrew tomorrow so I need my 7+ hours of sleep! I will be back here soon and make this blog look a little more appealing!

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