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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

NOW is the time!

It is about time I decided to start typing a new entry! It has been way too long and there are so many things to talk about that I am feeling rather overwhelmed. So each day (I promise I will write...it is summer and I am not working so there is no excuse) I will write a post about what is/has going/gone on in North Pole, AK (or other places we have been).

School ended on May 14th, and I couldn't resist to miss the last day of school, so on May 13th I boarded a flight and red eyed it to Pittsburgh. Fifteen hours later I touchdowned (spell check is saying this is not a word?) and began the "everything I miss and love about Pennsylvania" story. Of course I missed all the shopping, the restaurants, my family, my friends, and most importantly Andrew (but I knew that I would see him in two weeks and not the rest for 1/2 a year!).

In fact, I loved the shopping so much that I came to PA with one suitcase (50 pounds, 15 pounds were gifts for family), and I returned to Alaska with two suitcases (50 pounds, and 40 pounds)...hmmmm. Before I knew it I was saying goodbye to my parents and I excitedly headed back to my more permanent home. Andrew had informed me each day that the weather in AK was beautiful, 70's and 80's, and sunny ALL the time! I knew that would be no problem for me.

The highlights of my trip, in no particular order:
1. Enjoyed my stay in wild, wonderful, West Virginia with Aunt Pam, Uncle George and the cousins, relaxed with Uncle D. and Aunt V. too!
2. Spending time with the O'Neill family (having Lauren visit too!)
3. Eating the top portion of OUR (Andrew + Danielle) wedding cake with The O'Neills (we had too or else it would have been freezer burnt and to make it extra special, Andrew tapped in via Skype...)
4. Taking a 6 hour train from Pittsburgh to Harrisburg! Yikes!
5. Enjoying the comforts of my (old) house and the people that live there ;-)
6. Seeing friends and catching up on life
7. Shopped in a mall with more than 9 stores!
8. Ate a Rita's Italian Ice Gelati
9. Celebrated my Dad's Birthday (with the family)!
10. Spent time with my Grandparents (Andrew's too) :-)

While I was away, Andrew fended for himself quite well. Although going to the grocery store was not at the top of his priority list (he didn't go at all), he did keep the house clean and neat (with the exception of his Rockband drumset looking large and in charge in our living room). He even had a nicely wrapped present waiting for me on the counter :-)

This has been short and sweet and there will be more tomorrow!
Have a great Thursday!

A preview for what's to come tomorrow...

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  1. So glad to see a post from you! We have loved, loved, loved having Aubree home. My heart is a bit weary thinking about her leaving soon! Sunday is the big wedding day and then Monday they fly back to Alaska. The end of June we will begin our big journey of U-Hauling cross country....can't imagine what fun and adventure is in store for us. Wishing you and Andrew could share this special time with us. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at home. Can't wait to read your post tomorrow....take care.