Welcome to North Pole, Alaska!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

It is a beautiful, sunny Mother's Day in North Pole! I am hoping it is the same weather where all of our favorite mom's live! Today is our relaxation/catch-up on everything that we have needed to do around the house but have not yet done day! As I speak/type Andrew is reading a book for work, I just threw in a load of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and am now taking a break to write a blog.

Yesterday was an eventful day as Andrew and I decided to build 1 of 2 fences. Our townhouse is great but the backyards are just a little too close for comfort. A little privacy boarder was all that we needed. We built it in a way that when we move we can just take the wood with us (or I say, quickly build something before moving day). The posts are attached to spikes that Andrew hammered into the ground about 2 feet. We were both nervous about the possibility of puncturing the septic tank that is neatly tucked in our backyard (all the random black posts in our backyard are a constant reminder). All worked out and there have been no holes yet...but we still have our another fence to put up for another day.

Thank goodness for citronella candles...saving us from the evils of West Nile carriers. Perfect resting place = septic tank poles :-) Now that is classy!

Just need to cut the last board, screw it on, and add some lattice to the top!

I am looking forward to tiki torches, a grill, plants, and a colored umbrella to finalize our outdoor area! With constant daylight, the backyard will surely become another room for us to enjoy.

Speaking of daylight, we were at the Wardwell's house (just four doors down) for a cookout last night. It was a great evening and it had everyone looking forward to the summer gatherings. Take a look at these daylight, I mean, night-time photos!

10:30 PM, sun is still there!

11:30 PM, enjoying the fire, and the camera flash was NOT used, promise.

Lots more daylight to come! We are also very excited by the fact that we have made it through one Fairbanks winter! Only two left! If the winter flew by I can only imagine how fast these warm months will go!

Andrew had a soft pretzel craving this morning. Yep, no Auntie Anne's unless you make a 7 hour drive to Anchorage (not anytime soon). I decided to look up a recipe and by luck we had all the necessary ingredients to make soft pretzels. It was quite the baker's experience and they turned out very tasty even if they were misshapen with extra growths.

Baker Andy, Boiler Extraordinaire
No pictures of me since I was still in pajamas with morning hair and all.

Before baking...

The final products...cinnamon sugar, garlic and onion, italian seasoning, and regular old salted. Who knew we could really make pretzels...it was always that type of food that I always bought frozen or at Auntie Annes!

I am headed home THIS Thursday! I am very excited to see our family and friends! VERY EXCITED! Andrew will be well taken care of and he is headed home in August so my guilt level is minimal right now! Goodbye Alaska for 2 weeks! Hello hometown state of Pennsylvania :-) ALSO, Congratulations to all my friends who are graduating college!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Dani,
    Danny and I love reading your blog...hope you enjoy your trip home...we were so sad that Barry's father died, but were thrilled to see Aubree....can't wait for her to come home next week!!

  2. Welcome to Alaska! I enjoy reading the blogs of 'newbies' to AK. It reminds me so much of when we moved up here (2003, thanks to the army). We fell in love with the state, and when my husband retired in 2007, we stayed.

    I love this time of year... I can't wait for the wildflowers to bloom.

    I like your dividing fence. Might have to do something like that myself! I like those pointed post thingies. Good idea!

    North Pole

  3. Hi! I met your husband the other day and I'm looking forward to meeting you, too! Can I just say that I'm super impressed with your pretzel making abilities? J loves those...I might have to try them out. I hope you're enjoying your trip to PA.