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Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 5th Snow Squall!

Hello! Happy Thursday! As I walked to school today, the sun was shining, and it felt like a mild 45 degrees...not bad! Yesterday we had a few hours of SNOW! Lots of wet, gross snow on May 5th...ew! To top it off I had recess duty and of course I picked a cute outfit of capri pants and loafers with no socks...YIKES I was freezing! Apparently the latest date it has snowed here is on June 9th so we'll keep our fingers crossed that it stays away until October or November or even December (doubtful!).

Since we are a one-car couple FOR NOW, Andrew surprised me with a bike! I actually had been asking for one for awhile. I found a decent-looking one on craigslist. I sent Andrew to check it out after work yesterday and he came home to tell me that it wasn't worth a dollar. He told me the woman selling it said she had only crashed it once and the handle bars were bent. I just laughed, believed him, and went back on craigslist to see if any more bikes were posted. Then, on our way out to dinner, I see a bike lying in the back of the car. Ah-ha he was pretty convincing and I was tricked! I haven't had the chance to give it a pedal yet but from the looks of it, it will be perfect!

Most of our friends live within a walk/bike ride away and Fort Wainwright is only two miles down the road. I'll be like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz minus Toto, and probably in a more secluded area than Kansas...ugh!

The school year is winding down (only six more days, and three of those days are 3/4 days) so there is not much to do in the resource room! That is exactly why I have found the time to type this entry now! Back to work :-)

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