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Monday, May 3, 2010

May, May, All the Way!

Wow...May 3rd ALREADY.
Wow...over 20 hours of light!
Wow...green grass beginning to show in our backyard.
Summer is almost here and life is good.

Over the weekend we had a cookout at Stefanie's house...conveniently located in the woods for some great moose sightings! A baby and a mama moose were waiting for us in the side brush.

Eight more days of school and I'll be headed back to the home state! Unfortunately Andrew will be staying in Alaska but he'll make a visit home in August. We'll have our family visiting here in June, July, and August! It's going to be an amazing summer! We have tentative plans to travel back down to Anchorage/Kenai, visit the fishing paradise of Valdez, and take many visits to Denali (only two hours away!). We'll have to see if we are the "camping couple type." It all sounds good in theory but you never know how you'll feel when you're being eaten alive by bugs, sleeping in a cramped, wet tent, and unable to enjoy the comforts of a modern bathroom. I'm up for trying it though!

Fairbanks will soon hit high temperatures of 80 and our vegetables will soar to new heights, literally. The interior of Alaska is known for its award-winning extra-large veggies because of the constant sunshine. I will definitely take pictures at the Farmer's Market, which opens this Saturday!

I know I've previously mentioned all the children that run through our neighborhood. Have I also mentioned that they enjoy knocking on my front door a few times each week? They are usually selling stuff, just saying hello, or asking if I need help with anything. Andrew bought a beautiful rendition of a Dr. Seuss book cover, handmade with originality by our eight-year old neighbor. Cost...$1.00, Chuckles...Priceless. Our friend, Greg, was about to leave the neighborhood on a run, when he overheard two of our neighbor girls talking. They said something along the lines of this: "How can we make money?...I think we should ring peoples' doorbells and when they open it we should sing and dance...We gotta go to Mrs. O'Neills because she buys anything..." Ughh...Andrew and I are softies when cute kids come to the door.

Well my two favorites visited my doorstep on Friday and I put them to work. They asked if they could help me with anything and I handed them two plastic bags and asked them to pick up all the litter that has been buried under the snow for the past 6 months.

Operation Child Labor...Success! I paid them in candy of course!

Here are our curtains and I am in love with them! I will admit they are an at-first-glance ugly pea soup color, but they compliment the duvet cover so well and they add some color in our room!

I am currently watching the news about the flooding in Nashville and I just cannot imagine the live footage that they are showing. Despite all the craziness that is going on in the world, we hope that you are staying healthy and happy. Enjoy the first week of May!

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