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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Alaska's State Bird

...The MOSQUITO! That's a local joke...

But really, these suckers (oh yes!) are out in full force already! They especially love hanging around our house because this is what the back part of our backyard really looks like:

Isn't that stagnant water just lovely! We are crossing our fingers that it clears up real soon!

I've already googled every natural and very toxic anti-mosquito repellent that there is. We will be buying lots of citronella candles, lots of vanilla scented candles (apparently mosquitoes hate vanilla and to cover up the gross citronella scent), spray bottle full of Listerine (people have sworn by that), DEET, and whatever other hearsay happens to fall upon us. Any ideas...LET US KNOW because we can already tell this is going to be an itchy summer!

Tonight I put on my domestic apron and baked lots of banana chocolate chip cookies, compliments of a recipe blog. Andrew gives them two thumbs so they must be good! What a sneaky way for me to sneak some fruit into our diet!

According to weather.com, Harrisburg and Pittsburgh are having some pretty nice weather...Enjoy! We have finally caught up to the East Coast temperatures as well-hit 69 today!

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