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Monday, February 22, 2010

Red Velvet Cake, yes please!

This past Saturday I slaved in the kitchen for a few hours (Andrew providing me moral support from the sofa) and made a homemade, delicious, red velvet cake. I found a recipe from the Food Network website and I figured I couldn't go wrong with professionals telling me how to bake. Just an FYI to any fellow red velvet bakers: make sure you have TWO bottles of red food coloring before beginning because I only used one and well, my cake was more like a lackluster tomato-brown color than a deep crimson red like Barefoot Contessas.

I made the cake for a supper club event, theme being Southern foods. I added a little extra buttermilk to give it that added "southern" flavor just so my bases were covered in terms of a southern cake (right?!). Anyways, Andrew lucked out and was able to taste my red velvet creation after only two people (me being one of the two!) sampled the delicacy! I knew I should have stuck with my dad's suggestion of making good ol' southern baked beans with some bacon! I didn't take it too personally though and really, I am glad that we got stuck with the final product anyways!

On Sunday, Andrew and I ventured outdoors to go snow tubing on post at Birch Hill. Fort Wainwright has its very own mountain side for skiing, snowboarding, and tubing. They have a cute little lodge at the base of the mountain where the fried food was surprisingly good too. I recommend to anyone that an hour of tubing is enough for anyone! We tried every way to go down the mountain track on the tubes (holding hands, on our stomachs, backwards, running starts, pushed starts, etc.) and by the end we were just tired and ready to head indoors. A funny moment occurred as we waited in line to be hooked up to the tube lift. A boy, about nine years old, turned to me, and said, "do you want to go down the hill with us?" I was confused at first but then realized he was talking to me. Therefore, Andrew and I ended up joining forces with two nine year olds and whizzing down the hill with our tubes attached to one another. Apparently they wanted a faster ride and when they saw the size of Andrew and me they knew we were the perfect softies (and heavyweights) to give them a thrill ride. Not to brag or anything but after racing them separately, Andrew and I emerged as the winners. The funny thing was, the dad was watching us the entire time, probably thinking, who are these losers entertaining my kids?!

The view from the tubing hill...very cloudy!

The weekend flew by and the week will surely keep us busy! We are organizing papers, books, and other odds and ends that are stuck in various places around the house! Andrew is a bookworm, reading about the war overseas, as well as various other military novels. I recently finished Dear John and of course, cried my eyes out. Literally, I hyperventilated for a few seconds until Andrew told me to get a grip! Now I would like to see the movie. We saw Sherlock Holmes and thought it was excellent, despite the reviews it had received. Lastly, we watched a wonderful 1991 movie, Not Without My Daughter, featuring Sally Field at her finest! It is about an American woman who marries a doctor (he is a citizen of Iran who has been practicing medicine in the US for 20 years) who holds his wife and daughter hostage in Iran after vacationing there...based on a true story...the creepiest part of all! Andrew is a movie buff and I enjoy his enthusiasm towards movies because I am watching some really great movies that were made during my toddler years that I would probably not otherwise watch.

It is hard for me to keep up with this daily but I will definitely be on here weekly if not more! Enjoy this week and for everyone back home you will be happy to know that it has finally snowed about 1/2 inch today! Yay! I say, send it our way, because we miss the snow!

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